International Traditional Bows and Arrows of Yesterday and Today by Yoo Young-Ki, director of Young Jip Bow & Arrow Museum
It’s thought that for people living in the Stone Age who created the instruments for living by breaking or grinding down the stones, bows and arrows were not only effective weapons in comparison with the swords or javelins with which they had to personally fight against the fierce animals with strong teeth or sharp claws, but also significant inventions by which they defended their tribal community from the invaders and conquered territory.
It’s difficult to say, exactly, when and by whom bows and arrows were invented, but they were made and more and more developed all around the globe, having proper qualities and shapes according to regions. To meet the situation and circumstances of each country, they were made long or short, or simply made with a piece of material or made by mixing the several materials with strong points, accordingly, they were classified according to country or region. And making the most of the special qualities of the bows, each country used them for fighting, hunting, or mind-body training.

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